Since my work as a Sen. Prof. at the Institute of Sport & Exercise Science at the Univ. of Münster (2013) some new institutional contracts with new partners have been signed (Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan; Seoul National Univ., South Korea; Tongji Univ., Shanghai, China) for common student and staff exchange and research programmes.  There exist different  partnerships between the WGI and Olympic institutions in Europe and overseas (Japan, New Zealand, Brasil) like some personal contacts and collaborations exist for many years with PE and sport science departments of  universities in Western (BeNeLux) and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland). Close institutional and personal ties exist between some umbrella organizations like ENGSO YOUTH , HEPA Europe, EUPEA, EFPM, CEREPS, ISCA and the Network of European Academies of Sport (NEAS) due to some collaborative partnerships in some common EU-Studies. After the year 2000, strong partnerships have been developed through various Dutch-German cross-border INTERREG-studies with e.g. TNO, GSF, NISB, KVLO and “Stichting gkgk Nederland” and with further ties to university-based PE and health departments in NL. In Germany collaborative partnerships with projects developed between the German Sport Youth (dsj), the National Olympic Academy of Willi Daume (NOA) and the Sport Youth branch of the Regional Sport Confederation of North-Rhine Westphalia (SJ LSB NRW).