Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. phil, Dr. h.c. Roland Naul MA.

Date of Birth: 26.11.1948


1968 Abitur degree at Bocholt /Germany

1968 – 1972  PE Studies at the University of Münster 

1968-1974  Studies in pedagogy, psychology, sociology, sports medicine and Russian language at the University of Münster (WWU)

1974 M.A. degree in pedagogy, sociology and sports medicine (WWU)

1978 doctoral degree (Dr. phil.) in pedagogy, sociology and sports medicine (WWU)

Practical & teaching experiences:

1975 – 1980 working as a research assistant in curriculum development and evaluation studies at the unit „Wissenschaftliche Begleitung Kollegstufe NW“ at the faculty of pedagogy, sociology and journalism at the University of Münster;

1980 – 2013 University Professor for Sport Science and Sport Pedagogy at the University of Essen (2003) and at the University of Duisburg-Essen (2003-2013), Germany.

2013- 2020 Sen.Professor for EU-Studies in Physical Education and Youth Sport at the Institute of Sport & Exercise Sciences at the University of Muenster, Germany.

Furthermore, I served on different national and international boards such as: student founding member of the German Society of Sport Psychology (asp, 1969), founding and board member of the Commission of Sport Pedagogy in the German Society of Educational Science (DGfE, 1978-1986); founding member and chair person (1985-1987; 2005-2009) of the Commission of Football in the German Society of Sport Science (dvs, 2005-2009), member of the School Football Commission of the German Football Association (DFB, 2006-2008); President of the International Committee of Sport Pedagogy (1992-1996); Western European Director of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE, 2000-2004), Vice-President of the International Society of Comparative Physical Education and Sport (ISCPES, 1992–1996 and 2000-2004). Bestuurslid of the Dutch Foundation of “gkgk Nederland” (since 2014), Secretary General of CEREPS (Conseil europeén des recherches en education physique et sportive) (since 2015); chair person (1992-2013), board member (2013-2016) of the Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute at Essen; Deputy President of the International Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute at Münster and Vice-President of Olympic Studies at the International Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute at Münster (2017-2021).

 Membership in various international commissions / expert groups

During the past years I worked as a member in various international commissions and expert groups, especially to mention the European Committee of Physical Education (1993-2001); expert group of the European Commission EAC on „EU-Physical Activity Guidelines” (2006–2008), the IOC–Review Group for the IOC textbook “Teaching Values. An Olympic Education Toolkit” (I. 2006–2007, II. 2015-2016) and the EC EAC expert group „Monitoring the EU PA Guidelines (2012-2013). 

Visiting professorships

The following universities invited me as their visiting professor: Martin Luther University at Halle/Saale Germany, University of Ghent (Belgium), Israeli Sport University in Netanya, Israel, the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, Seoul National University, South Korea;  Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

 Awards and Prices

In 2003 I was awarded the silver medal of the Charles University in Prague for my European studies in PE and sports and in 2008 the gold medal of the Czech Olympic Academy for my work on and support of Olympic education. In 2004 I received the ICSSPE Service Award during the Pre-Olympic Congress in Thessaloniki (GR), in 2012 the Honouree Plaque of the European Academy of Sports, Velen (DE). In 2017 Charles Univ. of Prague awarded me a honorary doctorate (Dr. h.c.) for my European and Olympic studies and the Gold Medal of the Univ. The European Network of Sport Academies awarded me a honorary plaque for my cross-cultural studies on healthy children in sound communities in the state of Brandenburg and West-Poland (2019).


I published about 550 mainly reviewed papers including 35 books/anthologies in 13 different languages on the history, curriculum and extra-curricular development of German and European-based physical education, school-based sports of soccer and volleyball, PA physical fitness and HEPA for children and adolescents, also with a focus on Olympic education.

As an invited speaker I lectured on various international conferences and Pre-Olympic scientific congresses, including sessions of Olympic Pedagogy at the IOA (Olympia) and their Olympic Master Programme as well as at ACSM, ECSS, and APCESS annual congresses, ICSEMIS conferences in Guangzhou (2008) and Glasgow (2012), at four Global Forums of Physical Education Pedagogy (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016) and on behalf of different national and EU–based bodies of education, health and sport (e.g. EC EAC, EUPEA, KVLO, ENGSO Youth, HEPA-Europe and some National Olympic Academies).

 Editorial Works

I am a co-editor of three book series (German and American Studies in Sport, publisher: Waxmann-Verlag, Germany; Sport Science International, publisher: Lang-Verlag, Germany; Book Series of the Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute, publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag, Germany) and a member of several editorial boards of journals: African Journal of Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance (1996-2010);  European Review in Physical Education (UK, 1995-2015);  Acta Universitas Carolinae, Kinanthropologica and Ceska Kinantropologie (Czech Republic, since 1998 and 2000 ); New Medicine (Journal of the Polish Association for Health Education, since 2007); Medyczna Sportowa (Polish Journal of Sport Medicine, since 2007); International Journal of Sport and Health Science (Japan, 2008-2016); Global Journal of Health & Physical Education Pedagogy (USA, 2012-2014); Graduate Journal of Sport & Exercise Science (UK, since 2012).                                                   

Peer reviews for further journals: „Sportwissenschaft „(German Journal of Sport Science) (GER), „Scandinavian Journal of Public Health“ (DEN); „Journal of Physical Activity“ (USA), „Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education“ (USA), „Obesity facts“ (SUI/GER), „Psychology of Sport & Exercise Science“ (NED), Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy“ (UK) . In Dec. 2012 Routledge Publishing House (ROSOonline) elected me as their „editor of the month“.

 Teaching and Research

My research topics align in general with the main areas of my teaching fields, considering especially physical education, Olympic education, physical fitness and HEPA of children and youth, youth sport in Germany and in the EU.

I am still working on three main topics: the extension of the multi-component concept/multi-sectoral intervention strategy of HCSC/gkgk/zdzg in selected communities in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and China; implementation of daily physical activities of 60 up to 90 minutes for national and international primary school children and the inauguration of an international online-tool for individual, web-based monitoring of healthy lifestyles for children and adolescents and institutional monitoring of HEPA for schools, sport clubs, and local offices of communities (http//: My work on HEPA included a BMBF-monitoring study as partner of a consortium group (CombaNeT, 2015-2018). In 2017, my work on Olympic education let to a new publication with Routledge (London/New York) about our worldwide review of Olympic education. In cooperation with the Univ. of Luxembourg and as a part of the CEREPS research committee I finished a European-wide review on research of physical education and school sport in 2020.

Currently, I am working on three new projects: the extension of the gkgk/hcsc project (gkgk 2.0) to younger age groups (kindergarten/ opvangcentres) in German and Dutch border communities as a partner of a consortium group (since 2020); the “European Physical Education Observatory” (EuPEO), an Erasmus+ project (2018-2021) and as a co-lead partner in a commissioned in-depth study of the European Parliament (EU-sports policy: assessment and possible ways forward, 2020).

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