Welcome to my homepage

On my personal homepage you will find information about my academic work and research profile. Since July 1st, 2015 I am no longer available at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE). Only recently in 2016, all institutional ties of my former University of Duisburg-Essen with the private based Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute (WGI) have been cut off as well.

Therefore, all telephone and electronic communication with me personally or institutionally concerning WGI or CEREPS should be directed to following addresses:

Fon: +49 251 833 4854  or  +49 251 833 2335   or +49 251 833 2336

Email: r.naul(at)wwu.de;   naul(at)wgi.de;   roland.naul(at)cereps.eu


For any postal contact, please use only following address:  

Prof. Dr. phil, Dr. h.c. Roland Naul, MA.
Sen. Prof. for European Studies in Physical Education & Youth Sport
Institute of Sport & Exercise Sciences

University of Muenster
Horstmarer Landweg 62 b
48149 Muenster